We offer some permanent coupons for our customers, no limited time and quantities!

The coupons can be applies when your order amount is up to $100, shipping fee not included.

Coupon: 5USDOFF   /*Applies to $100 & more*/
Coupon: 10USDOFF   /*Applies to $200 & more*/
Coupon: 15USDOFF   /*Applies to $300 & more*/
Coupon: 20USDOFF   /*Applies to $400 & more*/
Coupon: FREESHIPPING   /*Starting on $500, FREE SHIPPING for the order*/

The price on the store is based on Paypal payment, if you do not have a Paypal account please contact us, we will quote the wholesale price via email to you and the discounts above are still valid.

How to use a coupon?

1. Add the commodity to the shopping cart.
2. Choose the applicable coupon code(based on the sub-total) and enter it in to apply.