Difference of Double Drawn Hair and Hair Bundles

Double drawn hair and hair bundles are two types of hair extensions, and there are some differences between them. Here are the main differences between double drawn hair and hair bundles.

  1. Hair Length: Double drawn hair is made from hair that has been sorted and trimmed to the same length, resulting in a uniform appearance. Hair bundles, on the other hand, can be made from hair of varying lengths, resulting in a natural and layered look.

  2. Hair Volume: Double drawn hair is thicker and more voluminous than hair bundles. This is because the process of trimming the hair to the same length removes shorter hairs, resulting in a higher density of hair in each extension.

  3. Cost: Double drawn hair is generally more expensive than hair bundles due to the extra processing involved in creating uniform lengths and thicknesses.

  4. Styling: Double drawn hair is easier to style and manage than hair bundles because of its uniformity in length and thickness. Hair bundles, on the other hand, require more effort to blend into natural hair and may need to be trimmed or styled to achieve a natural look.

  5. Maintenance: Both double drawn hair and hair bundles require regular maintenance, including washing and conditioning to keep them looking their best.

double drawn hair

At Ebony Hair Firm, we offer both double drawn hair and hair bundles to our customers. Our double drawn hair is made from high-quality Remy hair that has been carefully sorted and trimmed to ensure a uniform length and thickness. Our hair bundles are also made from 100% real human hair with intact and aligned cuticles and are available in a range of textures and lengths. Whether you choose double drawn hair or hair bundles, we guarantee that you will receive high-quality hair extensions that will look and feel natural.