How to Make a Quick Weave with Ebony Hair Bundles and Closures

A quick weave is a popular and convenient way to achieve a new hairstyle using hair extensions. Here are the steps to make a quick weave with Ebony hair bundles and closures:


  • Ebony hair bundles
  • Ebony hair closure
  • Weaving cap
  • Wig clips
  • Scissors
  • Hair glue
  • Comb
  • Hair dryer


  1. Start by washing and conditioning your natural hair to prepare it for the quick weave. Let your hair dry completely before proceeding.

  2. Put on the weaving cap, making sure that it is secure and tight. Use wig clips to keep the cap in place.

  3. Take the Ebony hair bundles and arrange them on the weaving cap. Start at the back and work your way up to the front, gluing each bundle to the cap using hair glue. Make sure to leave enough space around the edges for the closure.

  4. Once you have glued all the hair bundles in place, take the Ebony hair closure and place it on top of the cap. Adjust the placement until it is centered and in the desired position. Use hair glue to attach the closure to the cap, making sure that it is secure.

  5. Use scissors to trim the excess weaving cap and hair bundles around the edges of the closure, leaving a natural-looking hairline.

  6. Style the hair as desired using a comb and hair dryer. You can also use hair products to enhance the style and hold.

Your quick weave using Ebony hair bundles and closures is now complete! With a little practice, you can achieve a professional-looking hairstyle in no time. Remember to take good care of your quick weave to keep it looking great for as long as possible.

Ebony Hair Closure