How To Maintain the Human Hair Weave

Most of girls like to change our hairstyle often, so why not choose install a hair weave? A beautiful hair weaving has its benefits to make stylished hairstyle and let the hair have a rest for growing, so let us see how to make the weaving without damaging the owned hair. 

Choose Hair Material: Natural human hair and synthetic hair are at different prices, the first one is much more expensive than the second one. A natural lock is more recommended.

Don't Tighten Too Much: Braiding your hair before weaving, avoid braiding too tight. Ask your hairdresser to tighten the hair what is needed.

Moisturize: If you hair weave is human hair weave, do not hesitate to apply it as often as possible.

Lifespan: It is not recommended to wear your weaving for more than one month. It is not advisable because your own hair will have 1 month without washing, they will have accumulated dust, greasy and others.