What is the Best Way to Check Quality Human Hair?

More and more people are going to hair business, so more and more people sell the human hair as well, for this reason, there are many different qualities of human hair in the market.

As we know, the highest quality of human hair is called virgin hair, it is 100% human hair, cuticles are intact and running one direction. The cuticles can protect the hair so as to avoid shedding and tangling. Ok, we know that the quality human hair is virgin hair which keeps all cuticles. It means bad quality human hair has no cuticles.

For our experience, we need to bleach the hair to dye to blond 613 color. That we have to remove the cuticles on the hair. The bad quality human hair or processed human hair can not be dyed to 613 because they have no cuticles. So we have a good way to know if they are 100 virgin hair or not.

The virgin hair has almost no complaints as its good quality, it is popular by the beauty market, so that's why we have to choose a real viegin hair supplier.