What is Virgin Human Hair

When we talk about virgin hair, it refers to the human hair that has not been processed, i.e. has not been dyed, bleached or chemically processed in any way. The whole hair bundle is cut from one single donor, keeps the cuticle intact and running in the same direction. Why is this so important? Because this prevents tangling shedding off her own head once been installed. The cuticle is a layer that covers the hair to protect it as the healthy hair. If the cuticles are in different directions (some are up and some are down), the hair will become tangle after installing on the head. If the hair strands don't have cuticle, it will lost the protection, be damaged by washing. In addition, the virgin human hair keeps the natural color and feels natural.

What is virgin human hair

What is virgin human hair used for?

Virgin human hair is sold in pigtails(hair bulk), tied by the part of the root. The hairdressers use it to make the hair extensions themselves. This hair is attached to the person with keratin etc. But most of time, the virgin human hair bulk will be made as hair weaves, placed on your hair with the technique of sewing-in, especially in African-American.

How should I take care of virgin human hair?

As it is 100% natural human hair, so care the virgin hair extension as your own hair. Wash it with good quality conditioner frequently, you can use dryer, although always is more recommended to leave it dry to the air.

Can I cut it?

You can and should. It is advisable to make a first cut to give the hair a more natural fall once the virgin hair weaves are installed at the beginning.

How often should I wash virgin hair?

The more you wash it, the more loose of the hair it will be, but in general, you can wash it whenever you want. It is strong and durable virgin hair that will withstand many washing times as needed.

Can I dye it?

Of course, you can dye it completely or partially to any colors even to $613 blonde.

What textures are there available?

The hair comes in the natural straight, but you can also buy it wavy or curly hair. This process of curling virgin hair has been done in a traditional way so that the hair is not damaged.

What are the differences of kinds of virgin hair?

In the market you will find Indian, Brazilian and European hair. European hair is rare and thus extremely expensive, usually they are in 613# and 27# colors. Indian hair tends to have a finer texture, which makes it softer, but a little weaker. Brazilian virgin hair is the stronger, less softer than the Indian hair, but more resistant to any treatment.

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